Usability testing

Usability testing

Real people, real tests, real results ... real quick.

We can’t stress the importance of testing your website with real people. Whether you’re testing a concept before you embark on a major build or want to know why users aren’t buying your product, we can help.

Real tests with real people

In our usability testing sessions we get real users to sit down in front of your web site and we watch how they use it. We encourage them to think out loud and note down specific problem areas. The results are often eye opening and we provide written transcripts of all major issues our tests uncover. You can then act on them as you see fit.

Test before you start

Testing new concepts early on can save you time and money and so we strongly recommend building prototypes. We use industry standard software (Axure RP) to build prototypes which can then be tested with real people in a controlled environment. The results can be used to refine additional prototypes or to write the specification from which your product is then built.

Additional services

As well as formal usability testing sessions run from our premises in Cirencester, we offer additional services which may be of benefit:

Competitor benchmarking and expert reviews

Knowing what your competitors do and how they do it can help you develop a more effective website. Our benchmarking services review competitor websites and compare them with your own. We also review your own site looking for things that will adversely affect the user experience such as inconsistent use of terminology, confusing corporate jargon and complex navigation paths.

Statistical analysis and user journeys

We’ll analyse your search traffic and identify opportunities to increase traffic and revenue. We’ll devise a strategy for organic and paid search and offer recommendations you can easily implement. We’ll look at where the traffic in your site is going and consider the most used pathways through your site for your most common visitors. We can then develop ‘user journeys’ and ‘task maps’ that can be used to inform decisions about structural changes to improve the user experience.

Split testing

We can use automated split testing (also known as A/B or multivariate testing) to uncover opportunities for front-end changes, with often the smallest of tweaks providing positive results.

Case study: Research Councils

Research Councils web design image

We were asked to create a range of interactive iPad applications to help engage and educate the general public at a series of exhibitions and shows around the country. Being able to take advantage of the high-resolution display and large touch-screen interface allowed us to produce visually-striking and engaging apps that received good feedback from the public and from the client.

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Case study: HealthFriends

HealthFriends web design image

Working in partnership with medical professionals, SearchPath created HealthFriends, a health networking site that helps users to better manage their health by making friends with others with similar health-related interests, sharing experiences and providing mutual support.

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