Web design

Wireframe to website

Whether you want to update and improve your existing website with a bespoke design and custom features, a Content Management System built specifically for you or to launch a new site for your business, we will work closely with you to fully understand what’s required and design a solution to meet your requirements.

It goes without saying that we’ll create an amazing bespoke look for your new website or app, but the design process is so much more than that...

Getting to know your customers

We can work with you to develop a deep understanding of how your customers think, what they'll expect from your website and help you understand how best to structure your content.

If required, we start with interviewing key stakeholders to understand exactly what it is you want your website or project to achieve. From there we undertake competitor analysis to see what other companies have done and to understand what works well.

Developing personas and task maps is an option that allows us to consider who is going to be using your website, and what they will want to use it for. We would refer back to these often throughout the design and build process.

A critical stage in the design phase is the development of your information architecture (which pages your site will need and what content they’re likely to display). In addition we can create user journeys to help think about the most popular or well-trodden routes through your site. Ultimately we end up with an outline plan of your entire site - your wireframe.

We can then develop interactive prototypes and start to test your concept site with real users in one of our usability testing sessions.

The design phase

Website design

Our qualified, experienced designers are skilled in industry-standard software packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (for design) and Axure RP (for prototyping) and will turn any initial ideas and sketches into reality.

Most sites we develop use a responsive design, adapting the way they look and display content across different devices, ensuring an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device being used. This enables you to give the best possible experience to all your users, whether they’re browsing your site on a 25 inch monitor or a 2.5 inch phone (and means you don’t have to maintain a separate site for your mobile visitors either).

If you’re interested (and you should be!) we have more about responsive design and how it can help your business and save you money.

Managing your content

Where applicable, we’ll build your site using our in-house developed CMS. With its simple interface, you’ll be able to quickly and easily update your site’s content. If your site requires functionality we don’t already have, we’ll build it and we’ll automate any processes that can be sensibly automated, saving you time and money.

If you don’t require a CMS (and not all clients do) then we can manage your site for you. We can add content and images, write articles, develop new functionality, and create email or web marketing campaigns. Just give us a call and let’s talk about what you need.


We’ll keep you informed of progress throughout the design and build process and you’ll have access to your test site on our development servers. Throughout the development, we’ll be testing and fixing any issues that arise, so you know you’ll have a fully tested and robust system or site once completed. And of course, should any unforeseen issues arise once the site is live, we’re here at the end of the phone to fix the problems.


Hosting our clients’ websites makes maintenance easier for us. It means we can react quickly to any changes in visitor numbers and client requests. We also give clients a single point of contact - so you always have someone you know to answer those frustrating digital questions.

Your data is protected by secure access, and your system is looked after by a specialist hosting company working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide security, back-ups and physical protection.


For some clients, a Content Management System is a new (and fairly daunting) toy. We’ll provide training in its use, along with telephone and email support whenever it’s needed. We won’t give you the product and run away. In fact, much of our business comes from customers for whom we developed an initial website some years ago and who would now like something different. A lot of business is also through referrals, so we know we’re doing something right!

Case study: Broxton

Broxton web design image

Broxton is a leading provider of sheet metalwork and precision machined components. We were asked to design a new website that reflected not only the company, its values and ethos, but also highlighted its capabilities and competence.

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